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What is a warm coconut oil massage?


A wonderful method of preventing illnesses by addressing mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Our warm oil massage involves a full body massage that consists of many benefits. Our highly qualified team of licensed massage therapists begin massaging from the top of the head at the scalp, face, neck, and making their way slowly to the chest, arms, abdomen, back, legs, feet, soles, and eventually massaging the entire body. They start from the head to the soles of the feet in strokes facing towards the heart and massage joints in circular motions.

Warm oil massages act as a barrier against contaminations such as germs, pollutants, radiation, and toxins. It helps maintain the smoothness and suppleness of the skin while providing a detoxifying effect by eliminating toxins from deep inside the tissues in the body. This intimate massage provides a sense of tranquility and protects the nervous system from harm. Not only does a warm oil massage help with improving sleep, but it also helps with issues such as anxiety and stress. Give yourself a sense of peace, maintain feelings of self-love, and stay connected to your body by pampering yourself with our wonderful warm oil massage.


Ten masaż zapewnia poczucie wyciszenia i ukojenie nerwów. Poprawia również jakość Twojego snu. Podaruj sobie spokój, pokochaj siebie, utrzymuj dobrą relację ze swoim ciałem i pozwól się rozpieścić naszym nieocenionym masażem ciepłym olejkiem.

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