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Do you often use Thai massage with your other half? If so, buy a voucher to get better prices.

Purchase of a voucher for PLN 600, we'll give you PLN 100 extra to use (voucher value = PLN 700)

Purchase of a voucher for PLN 1,000, we'll give you PLN 200 extra to use (voucher value = PLN 1200)

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Voucher rules

All those who have received vouchers to use in our salon or want to give a loved one such a surprise, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the rules of their use.


1. The voucher is one of the accepted forms of payment for services rendered in the Siam Relax salon.


2. You can use the voucher once or several times - depending on the value it is for or the number of treatments purchased. All arrangements in this regard can be made during a visit to the salon service.


3. People who have received a voucher as a gift and want to use selected services must pre-book the date of the visit to our salon. This can be done in person or by phone. All data is available in the "Contact" tab.

4. Customers who want to pay for the visit using a voucher are required to present it at the salon reception before the planned appoitment.


5. The voucher cannot be returned or exchanged for cash. In addition, it is not possible to return the cash difference in the value of the massage if it is lower than the value of the voucher.


6. If the person using the voucher wants to buy additional services, he / she may pay the difference in cash.


7. The voucher can be used within 3 months of its purchase - this rule applies if the voucher applies to a specific massage or its value is equal to or lower than PLN 400. A voucher with a value of PLN 700 should be used within 4 months of its purchase, and a voucher for and above PLN 1,200 within 6 months of its purchase.


8. Only one person can use a voucher worth PLN 400 or less. The same rule for the voucher when the voucher applies to a specific massage. A voucher with a value of 700 PLN or more can be used by the recipient and his companion - e.g. the other half or a friend.


9. If the voucher is personal, it can be rewritten to another person after prior consultation with the salon.


10. A voucher or visit shall be deemed completed if the person who made the reservation based on it does not cancel it 12 hours in advance.

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