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Couple's Massage at Siam Relax Thai Salon in Poznan


Thai massage for two is a unique experience. Siam Relax Thai Massage and Spa offers a one-of-a-kind massage experience for couples in Poznań. Our interior design inspired by the Lanna kingdom will make you feel like you're in a different country. Many of our guests say, "Wow, I feel like I'm on vacation. Like I'm in Thailand."

The rush of everyday life can cause a lot of stress. Time for yourself to take a break and relax has never been more needed than now.

Double the benefits with a couple's massage. You can find our offer here!


Relaxing Couple's Massage is one of the best ways to escape the stress of everyday life. Spending time with loved ones is always valuable, so you can bring your partner or friend. The massage will be the perfect choice to get closer to them and deeply relax at the same time. Enjoy the feeling of luxury in a relaxing environment and the benefits of massage, which will improve your energy flow.


Do you want to see what a relaxing oil massage is all about? Watch the video here!


Book a massage at or call +48 796 122 525

Where to start with a Thai massage adventure for couples?

Different types of Thai massages for couples will allow you to relax in different ways. If you like aromatic massages full of deep sensations, an oil massage will be the right choice.


For those who are trying Thai Massage for couples for the first time, we recommend aromatic oil massage or a hot coconut oil massage.


Then, you can try a holistic traditional Thai massage that combines acupuncture, massage, and passive yoga techniques. Moreover, you can choose how long the massage will last.

Do you want to see what Thai massage is all about? Watch the video here!


Do you want to experience everything colorful and emotional that Thailand has to offer? We propose a combined couple's massage, which you can enjoy at our salon in Poznań. It begins with traditional Thai massage and then transitions into oil massages. For a full experience, we suggest choosing the 120-minute option.

We recommend choosing a massage that lasts a minimum of 90 minutes, as the masseur can spend more than 10 minutes on each body part.

Book a massage at or call +48 796 122 525.

Benefits of Thai Massage for Couples

During a Thai massage for couples at our salon in Poznań, special massage techniques based on ancient traditions from Thailand and neighboring countries such as China and India are used. The techniques used today originated in the 19th century when different techniques and sequences from different regions of Thailand were synthesized (now there are about 100 types of Thai massage).


Moreover, Thai massage for couples is also a good way to reduce anxiety and bring a positive mood. It also serves to improve immunity by stimulating the lymphatic system and improving lymph flow. It is recommended for the treatment of various conditions such as migraines or joint degeneration. It is also used in rehabilitation after a stroke.


Couples massage improves well-being

Due to its relaxing effects and improvement in well-being, it is also recommended for busy people, those prone to stress, working in places that negatively affect mental and physical well-being, and suffering from depression. It is also a good solution for athletes between training sessions, as part of recovery after an accident or long-term injury. It also provides significant relief for rheumatic conditions, paralysis, paresis, minor circulatory disorders, and low immunity. In Poznań, you can go to Siam Relax - Thai Massage & Spa for a couples massage, where experienced masseurs will adjust the appropriate technique to the needs of the body.


Book a massage at or call +48 796 122 525.

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