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About us

Siam Relax will take you on an adventure to the Kingdom of Siam, where for centuries Thai massage techniques have been used to relieve ailments and improve the wellbeing of peoples body and soul. Thai massage originates from the philosophy behind yoga, acupuncture and massage combined to one divine combination.

Our approach to Thai Massage

We respect the centuries-old tradition behind Thai massage, and we use techniques known for centuries, known from yoga, acupressure and reflexology. We employ masseurs and masseuses with impressive experience and knowledge, so by leaving yourself in their hands, you can be sure that after the massage, you will feel like a newborn.


Products used in our salon are imported from Thailand and carefully selected to meet the needs and preferences of our customers. To introduce the spirit of real Thailand in Siam Relax, we used wooden panels inspired by northern Thailand and paintings referring to the tradition of this country for the interior design.


Our offer includes traditional varieties of Thai massage (including aromatic oil massage, warm oil massage, hand and foot massage as well as the head, shoulder and back massage) and SPA treatments (face and peeling treatments combined with a relaxing massage) and packages.


Siam Relax's mission is to promote knowledge of Thai massage techniques and remove the stained reputation of Thai massages. We want to spread awareness of Thai culture, art and kindness to visitors. We invite you to our salon for an unforgettable experience.

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