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What is aromatic oil massage?


An extremely nourishing and healing oil massage that helps soothe sore and strained muscles and joints. Our powerful blend of oils with anti-inflammatory properties help recover inflamed tissues while protecting the skin from infections and soothing arthritis pains. 

Our licensed massage therapists will use oils to help their hands glide easily over the surface of the client's skin. This allows our massage therapists to reach the deep muscle tissues without too much friction on the skin. Receiving a great oil massage can make a huge impact and help our clients feel refreshed, energetic, and rejuvenated. Oil massages can dismiss the effects of anxiety and stress on the body, treat swelling, pain, muscle soreness, and improve one's overall mood.


The benefits for the body and mind of oil massage


  • Improves mood, can treat depression, and relaxes the mind

  • Enhances flexibility 

  • Gives physical relief 

  • Improves the health of your heart

  • Eliminates dead skin

  • Opens up pores in the skin

  • Help with digestion

  • Provides a good night's rest

  • Makes skin glow

  • Can improve eyesight and relieve eye strain 

  • Alleviate symptoms of a cold and sinusitis 

  • Gets rid of stretch marks

  • Gets rid of toxins from the body


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Korzyści dla ciała i umysłu, jakie niesie ze sobą masaż olejkami.

  • Poprawa nastroju, relaks dla umysłu.

  • Zwiększenie elastyczności ciała.

  • Uczucie fizycznej ulgi.

  • Poprawa pracy serca.

  • Usuwanie martwego naskórka.

  • Otwieranie porów.

  • Usprawnienie trawienia.

  • Spokojny sen.

  • Nadanie skórze blasku.

  • Poprawa widzenia, złagodzenie zmęczenia oczu.

  • Złagodzenie dolegliwości przy przeziębieniu i zapaleniu zatok.

  • Usuwanie toksyn z organizmu.